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What We’re All About

Stablemate Pro was founded out of need and passion. A need to protect the Equine industry from harmful pathogens and organisms, with a passion for horses and protecting our environment. Our founder, grew up in a family of horse breeders during his childhood and has now reconnected to those roots through his young family. Drawing on his own career in professional sports and business and knowing first hand the rigours of training and the professionalism required to succeed at the highest level, he believes this has helped create our range of high performance  Biosecurity products for the Equine Industry. In collaboration with our Biochemist our founder has helped develop a range of powerful natural products that will protect our equine athletes, the people that work with them and the equipment used from dangerous pathogens and organisms. Deep in the mountains of Northern NSW our biochemist discovered that by harnessing synergistic chemical reactions between plant and natural elements, we could create revolutionary Biosecurity products that could defend against pathogens and organisms, while being gentle to the environment, animals and people.

Independent tests have been conducted all over the world and the relevant certifications and approvals followed - confirming that this was one of the biggest breakthroughs in natural chemistry we have seen. Our Effective Biosecurity products will protect the global equine industry and our environment.

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