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The Power of Nature


Natural Waterfall
  • Stablemate Pro have put breakthrough natural chemistry to work and set a new benchmark in Biosecurity.

  • A unique, natural, broad spectrum pathogen eliminator from our own backyard.

  • After rigorous independent testing, our exclusive Equine Biosecure 3 in 1 formula, is internationally certified and approved to kill harmful pathogens and eliminate nasty odours whilst simultaneously being an effective cleaner .

  • Our world first organically derived Odour Eliminator and Dust Suppression formula eliminates and neutralises toxic gases that create nasty odours safely, quickly and effectively, without harm to the user, surfaces or the environment.

  • Our pH neutral High Performance 5 in 1 equine wash, has natural antibacterial properties and will leave the coat soft and shiny without stripping the natural oils from the skin and coat

  • These products are globally recognised (through intensive independent testing) as the most effective and sustainable, pH neutral cleaning solutions on the planet.

  • Equine Biosecure eliminates 99.9999% of current and emerging pathogens.

  • Finally you can get the highest level of Biosecurity available through our revolutionary plant and mineral based formula.

  • Protect Horses, people, equipment and the environment with Australian made and owned Stablemate Pro.

Product Information: Quality Control
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